5 Tips For Truck Driving Businesses To Attract New Commercial Drivers

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Truck drivers are in high demand these days. Be it big companies looking for experienced commercial drivers or small transportation businesses, a lot is riding on these drivers. And with the new shift in technology, where deliveries are the new hot thing, having someone dedicated to the road is essential. But sadly, it is getting harder and harder to find dedicated drivers who are willing to spend their time on the road long-term. That is why it has become crucial for trucking companies and other interested businesses to recruit their drivers in a way that seems appealing to them. To learn how to hold your truck driver’s interest, keep on reading this blog.

Why is There a Shortage of Truck Drivers?

As employment rates fall throughout the world, truck driving job openings are at an all-time high. But while the empty slots are at large, there aren’t enough people willing to take the job. The reason? Take a look below.

  1. Age Gap
    With the world now growing into the grasp of millennials and gen z, there just aren’t enough commercial drivers pursuing trucking as their full-time job.
  2. Cost of Recruitment
    The problem doesn’t just lie within the drivers but also the organizations looking to hire them. The cost of recruitment has gone so high these days that companies themselves are not putting in the effort and money needed to get desirable results.
  3. Strict Code of Conduct
    The life of a commercial truck driver is not easy; it’s incredibly demanding. They are forced to sleep in their trucks to meet the total quota of kilometers and hours spent driving. This tends to put off the newer generation, making them look for more comfortable jobs instead.
  4. High Turnover Rates
    Nowadays, people look at the turnover rates of a company before committing their time to it full-time. For truck drivers, the turnover rates are extremely high, which leads to a domino effect, putting the new people on edge.

How to Attract New Truck Drivers?

While most of the problems mentioned above may seem hard to overcome, it is pretty easy for businesses to step above them. Here are a few tips you can follow to attract new truck drivers:

  1. Be Upfront About Your Requirements
    Everyone loves honesty, and your employees value that the most. When you’re looking for truck drivers, as a business, it is your duty to be upfront about your requirements and specifications. Be precise, and do not leave any details out.
  2. Create a Compelling Job Opening
    While honesty takes the big throne, it won’t garner enough attention if your job opening is bland and dull. Be generous when settling the pay, and do not forget to include the incentives. That is what usually catches one’s eye
  3. Don’t Just Stick to One Recruitment Method
    If you’re using an online website or a forum to recruit truck drivers, do not feel bound by it. Explore other variables. Print ads, reach out to fellow organizations, and contact commercial truck driver leasing agencies for fruitful results.
  4. Invest in Proper Training for Your Drivers
    Truck drivers need proper training and orientation, especially when settling into a new role. Give them time to grasp the ropes and understand their duty. Do not rush them or burden them with endless routes immediately.
  5. Make Sure Your Technology is Updated
    Last but not least, check your inventory. Make sure all your gadgets and vehicles are up to date. If anything seems outdated or improper, get it fixed it as soon as possible since it can play a huge role in your company’s growth.

In Summary

The truck driving industry may be suffering from the lack of truck drivers, but with proper steps and techniques, you can revive your business from the bottom up. To hire experienced commercial truck drivers for your organization, feel free to contact Casual Driver Leasing for more information at either of the following locations:

  • Houston
    Location: 440 Benmar Dr., Suite 1290, Houston, TX 77060
    Phone No.: (281) 447-0885
  • Dallas
    Location: 2401 Avenue J, Suite 213, Arlington, TX 76006
    Phone No.: (817) 649-0300
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