7 Features You Must Have For Apt Fleet Management

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Gone are the days when people used to go out of the house to shop. Digitization has changed the world; now, even everyday essentials are just a tap away. As a result, there is added pressure on logistics providers and retailers to adjust according to ever increasing demand for deliveries than ever. So, to keep up, you can implement these 7 features for a smooth fleet management system.

7 Factors You Must Have For Fleet Management

Here are some pointers that will help you out:

1. Vehicle maintenance

Keeping vehicle maintenance at the top of your priority list can help reduce downtime and the need for expensive repairs. This ultimately saves time and money. Moreover, a well-maintained vehicle uplifts the name and reputation of your company to customers.

2. Scalable

It is important to ensure that your fleet management features are scalable and changeable as per needs. It should be possible for you to customize the parameters, data integrations, and workflows according to your liking.

3. Vehicle Tracking via GPS

The GPS tracking device is essential for keeping track of your fleet. Once these devices are installed in your fleet, you can easily access the RT (real-time) location and movement of any vehicle you want.

Your manager can access this information via a professional telematics solution. This helps you know the location accurately, where they began the journey from, any stop-overs, and for how long they took a break.

4. Driving Behaviors

It is one of the essential features of the best fleet management system. Setting up a driving behavior analysis module lets you in on the analysis of their acceleration, braking, speeding, or over-idling.

This feedback will help improve the overall business. This information is shared directly with drivers to rectify their poor habits and prevent accidents.

Other than that, it also helps in significant reductions in fuel costs since your drivers are driving in an economical manner.

5. Fleet alarms

This helps the in-house team respond quickly and efficiently to those on the road. These alarms are a highly useful feature for dealing with any difficulties or unforeseen situations regarding their fleets.

A specific fleet management software allows your company to make custom alarm systems according to your needs. You can set the alarm to monitor the drivers in case they are speeding or have a lookout for the temperature of heat-sensitive items.

6. Managing Fuel Consumption

It is a major concern of the fleet managers to have an efficient running fuel consumption. This factor holds immense importance because fuel costs represent a major chunk of the entire budget of your company.

Monitor fuel levels daily to see how often your vehicles are refueling and drained. This practice will help your team to identify issues such as cases of leaks or theft with ease.

Moreover, with alarm systems, you can send intimation to warn the driver promptly when draining takes place with a measurement of the fuel level in tanks.

7. Monitoring Route Plans

When you are on the road, choosing the least obstructed and fastest route is essential. So, you must know whether or not your fleet is taking the optimized route.

Final Words

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