7 Safe Truck Driving Tips For Winter Weather

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Winters have finally arrived, and the trucking business is out on roll, on the bed of snow and freezing weather conditions. Trucking can be tough and extremely dangerous, demanding the right skills and experience to reach their destination safely.

To help our fellow truck drivers to be safe on the roads, we have listed 10 trucking safety tips.

Be Prepared For Every Situation

It is important for every truck driver to keep check of their equipment before starting the journey, especially during harsh winter months. Make sure that you check if it is functioning well and properly beforehand and keep the right things to handle calamities.

  • Front and rear windscreens must be clear of snow
  • Keep a shovel and bag to clear off when you get stuck
  • Jump cables if your truck does not start
  • Flashlight for better visibility
  • A high visibility jacket
  • Warm blanket or warm clothes
  • Food and water are a must on longer routes
  • Spare tank of gas

Inspect Your Vehicle

Keep your checklist ready for routine vehicle inspections. Here are some things that you need to keep a lookout for.

  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Wiper blades
  • Fluid levels
  • Lights
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Defroster

Carry you paper based round checks in a digital format because it can get hard to keep them safe in extreme winters. Sapping them to a digital form will reduce the risk of wetted paperwork.

Check Weather Conditions

Keep yourself up-to-date with the weather information across the routes for travel via GPS system, radio or calling into base. This helps you keep an informed travel while selecting routes or better alternatives to safer ones.

Follow Driving Rules

It is important to adhere to the driving guidelines as the roads tend to be slippery in snow. Sudden and sharp turns can cause you to lose control over the vehicle. Keep a steady and consistent speed, keep easy on the breaks. Don’t try to overtake in any given circumstances, rather allow extra space for the vehicle before you.

Mindful Driving

Stay focused on your driving throughout for example black ice is a dangerous road condition that looks like a thin transparent layer of ice that makes the road wet and slippery.

In heavy and thick fog areas, use high beam lights to ensure full visibility keeping your speed slow. Use your wipers to clear off your screen.

In case of heavy rain, keep distance with other trucks as your brakes may lose traction on roads.

On elevated bridges, take due driving precautions to keep safe.

Be Careful While Entering and Exit

While this might seem like an obvious point, many drivers tend to forget that their vehicle steps are slippery and can tend to fall off. Hence, get a good grip, wear your boats and take your time to enter and exit your vehicle.

Driver Training

Driver training and awareness programs can be of help as they can ensure that all your staff is equipped with the right knowledge and skill to take up their task given all circumstances.

In Conclusion

Casual Driver Leasing Services provides highly skilled and qualified drivers with certified training to drive safely through extreme winters! Call us at (281) 447-0885 for further information and queries.

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