From Paper Maps to Pixel Screens: How Technology Shaped Driver Leasing Services

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In recent years, driver leasing companies have become increasingly popular. With all that they have to offer, transportation has never been this easier, especially for big companies looking to hire fleets of drivers. And the reason for that? Rise of technology.

Modern technological advancements have significantly shaped the need for drivers, from complex GPS directions to live communication. Everything has become that much easier. Gone are the days of studying a torn map and figuring out the narrow lanes. Now, it’s all about online sharing.

Thus, if you’re a business looking to hire more drivers or you’re a truck driver yourself, keeping up with the latest industry trends is incredibly helpful. That is why you will find all the different ways technology has shaped and enhanced driver leasing services right here in this blog.

Real-Time Shared Location
Being able to share your real-time location with someone miles away has changed the game. It allows live data analysis and is far more accurate when calculating mileage for the drivers. The faster the driver covers their routes, the more they’re able to earn. There’s no room for error, too, as the employer can keep track of it all. They know which access points have been covered and which ones remain.

Safety Monitoring
The good thing about swapping locations is that if any safety concern arises, the employer knows what is happening. Rather than being out of the loop or getting stranded for hours without a nearby phone booth, cell phones have made it easy to send alerts in case something goes terribly wrong.

Enhanced Communication
There has been a steady incline in open communication for truck drivers and management. Thanks to the various tools that deliver messages to and fro, be it a pager or an app on your phone, things have changed for the better. It has set forth major improvements in logistics and operations as it reduces costs for business and saves time for drivers.

GPS Traffic Control
One of the best parts about all the new technological advancements is the use of GPS. It has made driving extremely accessible for commercial truck drivers. Rather than getting stuck in major traffic queues, they can find an easy way out or discover a shortcut to get the work done faster. A GPS is also helpful in determining paths through stormy weather.

Swift Recruitment Process
Last but definitely not least, technology has made it super easy for businesses to recruit drivers. Similarly, it has made it just as effortless for commercial drivers to apply for a job and get hired instantly. You no longer need to wait multiple weeks to get an answer for a new job. Instead, it only takes a couple of clicks to decide your fate.

Final Thoughts

To put it shortly, there have been numerous changes in the transportation industry, all thanks to technology. The way it has embedded itself into today’s society has made finding and hiring drivers truly effortless.

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