In-Demand Behind the Wheel: The Top Truck Drivers Employers Crave

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There’s no doubt that truck driving is a demanding job. With long hours spent on the road in solitude and bearing the responsibility of all the goods you’re carrying, it can sometimes be overwhelming out there. However, despite all the challenges, there’s no denying the benefits that truck drivers get.

Sure, each commercial truck driving job is different, but the pay and in-demand scale of the drivers varies just as much. The only question is, what type of truck driver is the most in-demand these days in Houston, and how can you make your way in? To find the answers to these questions, make sure to read this article until the end.

What Type Of Trucking Is Most In Demand?

Commercial truck driving is far from easy, but employment security is a great asset to consider when looking for trucking jobs. Not to mention, with the huge shift in numbers recently, there has been a big vacancy in the field of truck driving, specifically the following ten types of truck drivers:

1. Dry Van Drivers

For drivers who are just starting out their trucking journey, dry van trucking is a great entry-level job. The trucks carry non-perishable goods and can be delivered to the location without any hiccups.

2. Flatbed Drivers

Loading up a flatbed truck is a little difficult as it usually requires additional assistance. However, depending on the goods, they can be transported with ease as long as the driver is aware of the materials and different routes.

3. Freight Haulers

Much like dry van trucks, freight haulers carry non-perishable goods. The only difference is that these items typically require a more watchful eye. This is because rather than dry items, freight haulers carry liquids along with heavy and hazardous materials.

4. Heavy Haulers

Heavy haulers or oversize load truck drivers are known to be very in demand. This is because most companies look for experienced professionals who can transport heavy-duty materials from one place to another. These haulers typically carry construction equipment and other factory assets.

5. Ice Road Trucking

The best part about ice-road truck drivers is that they only need to work a quarter of the year to make a good annual income. This is because their routes and timings start in the winter months when the roads are all frozen and packed. Overall, it may be a tough job, but it is in hot demand and tends to pay well.

6. LTL Driving

Less-than-truckload (LTL) driving jobs are some of the most common, day-to-day commercial jobs you see. It revolves around a single driver being in charge of small goods that need to be shipped from one place to another, with various stops in the middle of the driving route.

7. Luxury Vehicle Transportation

If you’ve been in the trucking field for a while and want to upgrade, you might want to look into luxury vehicle haulers. The required truck drivers for this transportation can make a hefty profit as they get paid by the mileage and the model of the car being delivered.

8. OTR Drivers

Over-the-road (OTR) drivers are in charge of long hauls. They usually travel within the country’s borders, going from one state to another to get the job done.

9. Refrigerated Freight Transportation

Unlike freight haulers, refrigerated haulers come with a built-in freezer that houses perishable items so they can easily be delivered from one place to another. The driver needed for this role must be responsible and knowledgeable, being able to keep the items well-protected, be it food items, medications, skincare products, etc.

Tanker Trucks

These trucks are reserved specifically for transporting chemicals, dry goods, gasses, liquids, etc. Even though driving with a huge tanker is difficult, it is still a job that pays well and is constantly on the lookout for new eligible drivers.

Final Takeaway

Truck driving is a very in-demand job these days, with various vacancies throughout the field. Whether you’re an experienced veteran or an entry-level driver, you can opt for any position that fits your needs. For more information on truck driving jobs in Houston, feel free to contact Casual Driver Leasing at either of the following locations:

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