Maximizing Your Mileage: 8 Ways A Truck Driver Leasing Agency Can Benefit Businesses and Drivers Alike

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The thing about the transportation industry is that it is always on the move. Whether it’s businesses looking for a fleet of drivers or commercial truckers looking for reliable gigs, the cycle is endless. But that is where driver leasing agencies come into play.

From recruiting top talents to meeting market demands, these agencies offer the ultimate solution for all. Not only do they provide flexibility and job security for drivers, but they are just as thorough when it comes to outsourcing drivers for employers. So, if you want to speed down that road to success, keep on reading. Because in this blog, we have listed out a handful of benefits of working with a driver leasing agency for business owners and drivers alike

Benefits For Employers:

Let’s say you run a successful business that relies on transporting goods from one place to another. Sometimes, the job may demand numerous drivers, while other times, you might just need one. Rather than hiring and firing drivers repeatedly, you can refer to a professional agency and reduce the overall turnover rate as well as reap the following benefits:

Fast Results
Since driver leasing agencies have a large pool of candidates, it doesn’t take long for them to pair you up with a driver. The results are almost instant.

Customized Search
Often businesses focus on a certain niche or preference. No matter what your company specializes in, there will always be a driver that best fits the role. Be it for a short period of time or permanent.

Driver Management Outsourcing
One of the most valuable aspects of an agency is that besides providing a fleet of drivers, they also dabble in driver management. This means that you don’t just outsource the drivers but also get top management with it, to ensure all rules and regulations are being met.

Credible Drivers
If there is one thing leasing agencies do best, it is the way they screen their employees. All the drivers they hire are credible, highly qualified, and possess a commercial driver’s license beforehand.

Benefits For Truck Drivers:

It’s not only businesses or employers getting the best deals, but even drivers themselves can benefit from driver leasing agencies. Regardless of the driver’s preference, they can find the perfect job for all their needs. Take a look below to read about all the driver-specific advantages.

Total Flexibility
Not everyone is looking to be on the road 24/7. With an agency representing you, the driver can be upfront about all personal preferences, including flexible timings and gigs that help the drivers pick up temporary jobs if needed.

Better Compensation
Getting hired as a full-time driver directly by a company can be exhausting, especially in terms of getting paid. An agency specializing in the transportation business can ensure you’re getting paid accordingly.

Personalized Search
From job duration to area specification to working days, as a driver, you are entitled to make demands and take your pick from the list of job offers. Most agencies look after the drivers and provide them with a personalized job search option.

Support and Guidance
A recruiting agency doesn’t simply represent the drivers but also offers support and guidance throughout the job search process. The agency answers any questions the driver may have and fully supports them even after they secure a job.

Start Your Journey Today!

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