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Overcoming Driver Shortage & Capacity Challenges in Trucking

Due to a steadily growing economy and stricter government regulations for drivers, it is projected that the shortage of drivers could reach approximately 200,000 by the end of this year. Consequently, this shortage will result in significant trucking capacity issues in the coming years.

We hold our company in high esteem and appreciate both our drivers and customers. Our delivery drivers, who are among the finest in the transportation industry, consistently demonstrate their dependability, safety, and commitment to serving both you and your customers.

We have established a thorough and stringent driver qualification process, enabling us to carefully assess our candidates and guarantee that we deliver the level of excellence you anticipate. Our recruitment and hiring procedures are designed to secure the most dependable and safe Houston CDL truck driver in the industry.

At our driver hiring service in Houston, we cater to diverse needs, whether it’s for Long Haul OTR drivers or specialized household movers. Our team of six dedicated sourcing agents collaborates with clients to effectively overcome these challenges. Understanding the priorities of drivers, we leverage our industry connections to access passive candidates who are currently employed but actively seeking new opportunities.

Casual Driver

Our Approach

By prioritizing individuals and leveraging technology, our service for hiring CDL truck drivers in Houston recognizes the ongoing discussion surrounding conventional advertising techniques versus technology-driven strategies such as social media. Rather than an either/or proposition, we believe in utilizing both approaches.

Casual Driver Leasing Services offer a professional driver hiring solution in Houston that combines direct advertising, enabling our clients to connect with a larger pool of applicants who meet their hiring requirements within their desired geographical area.

Commercial driving is a highly skilled profession, and we specialize in facilitating connections between exceptional professional drivers and employers like you. Our highly experienced transportation recruiting staff, equipped with proven project discipline, provides our clients with a significant competitive advantage in attracting, recruiting, and retaining highly qualified professional drivers.

Casual Driver Leasing Services is the only professional driver recruiting service in Houston that offers a cost-effective, valuable, and guaranteed solution. We take pride in delivering the most efficient and budget-friendly driver recruitment strategy available in the market.

Casual Driver

Exceptional CDL Drivers – Our Commitment to Hiring Excellence

At Casual Driver Leasing Services, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to hiring CDL drivers. We firmly believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the best, which is why we only hire class A CDL driver.

Our commitment to excellence begins with a rigorous selection process. We thoroughly screen each candidate, ensuring they possess the necessary skills, qualifications, and experience to excel in their role. Our goal is to hire a driver who not only meet the minimum requirements but also demonstrate a track record of exceptional performance.

By hiring class A CDL driver in Houston, we prioritize safety, reliability, and professionalism. These drivers are well-versed in industry regulations and best practices, ensuring the safe transportation of goods. They understand the importance of timely deliveries and are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

We understand that our drivers are the face of our company, representing us on the road and interacting with our valued customers. That’s why we strive to hire individuals who possess excellent communication skills, a customer-centric mindset, and a strong work ethic. With our drivers behind the wheel, you can trust that your deliveries will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.


More Applications

Our dual approach enables our clients to receive a higher volume of applications from candidates who meet their hiring criteria within their specified hiring area.

Higher Quality

In today’s competitive job market, top-quality drivers are often already employed. Our powerful system empowers our clients to be the first potential employer to engage with the highest caliber candidates.

Cost Savings

We are committed to providing our clients with the most effective and affordable driver recruitment strategy available. We are confident that our service will generate a positive return on investment and offer a guarantee to that effect.

More Applications

Our dual approach enables our clients to receive a higher volume of applications from candidates who meet their hiring criteria within their specified hiring area.

Potential of Our Exceptional CDL Truck Drivers

Experience unmatched expertise and reliability. Hire our exceptional CDL truck drivers today to elevate your transportation operations to new heights. Contact us today.

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