Types Of Trucking Companies Within The Industry

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Trucking businesses operate across Houston, TX for multiple products and businesses. In this blog, we will talk about the multiple categories of services within the trucking field and look closely at how they operate. Trucking business is not just limited to intra-city travel, but intercity moving as well. Let us look at the different classifications of trucking companies!

For Hire Truckload Carriers

This type of trucking company, known as for hire truckload carriers are classified by hauling other companies’ freight. If you are working for this type of trucking service, you are not directly connected with a manufacturer or producer. Instead, truckload carriers sell their fleet capacity to serve other businesses who are seeking to outsource logistical support. This entire model is based on the trends and patterns of freight demands of other companies spread over years, months or peak seasons.

Private Fleets

Private fleets consist of companies who look after the overall manufacturing, distribution and supply chain of their product. Which means they own an in-house product, drivers, trucks combined with other essential labor and resources to fulfill their transportation and delivery needs depending on the capacity and demand. Some businesses, while having private fleets, may require a broker to arrange additional freight.

Less Than Truckload Carriers

This type of trucking industry deals with delivery of multiple products of different companies on one go. If you think that your parcel is big enough for general postal service, and small in volume to fit an entire truck, you can avail the service of less than truckload carriers. This may include two types of drivers, one including a line haul driver and other is a localized city driver.

Household Movers

Household movers are designated to serve clients who are shifting homes. This can be a hybrid role of providing physical support to help move objects from one place to another, as well as providing freight services depending on the unique needs of the clients.

Inter Modal

Transporting freight through a tractor trailer is not an only option. Inter modal drivers are local workers who haul rail containers to and from the rail yard. Many companies have now resorted to using rail to ship freight, so getting their goods to and from the rail yard is done by local truck drivers.

Final Conclusion

While the trucking business is an overarching field, there are different companies operating in multiple niches, service types and specialties. Casual Driver Leasing Services provides highly skilled and qualified drivers with certified training for all. Call us at (281) 447-0885 for further information and queries.

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