What Are The Life and Challenges of CDL Drivers in Houston, TX?

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Like every other job in the world, truck driving is an occupation that involves a lot of life challenges. Commercial truck driving, especially, is a profession that is incredibly hard to maintain and follow through. In fact, it is so burdensome that there has been a huge decline in CDL drivers in America as of late.

Solo drivers aren’t willing to chase long hours on the road. Instead, they find other menial jobs, making ends meet. However, these difficulties often fall upon independent commercial truckers, as they do not have an organization to back them up.

With commercial driving leasing agencies, CDL drivers are given numerous benefits and opportunities to advance in their field. Nevertheless, if you would like to get an inside look at the life and challenges of CDL drivers in Houston, continue reading this blog.

Is Houston A Good City For Truck Drivers?

There is no doubt that Texas is the largest state in the U.S. mainland. With better opportunities and vibrant city life, Texas is the epitome of the modern southern lifestyle. However, due to its diverse landscapes, it makes for the perfect route for truck drivers to pass through. Whether it’s intrastate driving or inter-state driving, commercial truck drivers can find a lot of scope in Houston, TX.

Common Challenges CDL Drivers Face

Despite being a high-paying job, commercial truck driving has taken a big hit recently. Whether it’s because of the number of willing commercial truckers or the hardships they have to endure, life on the road is not easy. Take a look below to see some of the sad trials CDL drivers are put through.

1. Spending Long Hours on The Road

One of the biggest problems of commercial truck drivers is that they are forced to spend most of their days on the road. They go to and fro, making deliveries or completing their tasks all day long. Sometimes, they don’t even get to sleep, which leads to multiple problems down the line.

2. Poor Health

Given how taxing the job is, the first thing to get affected is their health. Not to mention, since CDL drivers are seated most of the day, it can give way to severe chronic conditions, affecting their back, legs, neck, and other joints.

3. Shortage of Fellow Drivers

No one likes being lonely, and life on the road is known to be one of solitude. All the hardships have taken a toll on commercial trucking driving, leaving the market empty with tons of opportunities to grab. It doesn’t help that only 10% of the CDL drivers are women. That is why driver leasing agencies are much more feasible and beneficial for everyone.

4. Work Stress

Sure, everyone deals with a subsequent amount of work stress, but for commercial truck drivers, it’s never-ending. They are constantly drowning under the pressure of covering certain miles in a day and making each delivery on time without damaging the goods one bit. Every item they have to transport needs to be in mint condition.

5. Unable to Be Around Their Family and Friends

The saddest part about being an on-the-road driver is that most truckers do not get to see their family members and loved ones for months on end. Depending on their route, they might have to spend endless weeks driving, with no rest in between.

Long Story Short

To put it briefly, the life of a CDL driver is really hard, especially when handling the entire load by themselves. Driver leasing agencies have multiple regulations set in place that help manage their routes and mileage in moderation. For more information on commercial truck driving, contact Casual Driver Leasing at either of the following locations:

  • Houston
    Location: 440 Benmar Dr., Suite 1290, Houston, TX 77060
    Phone No.: (281) 447-0885
  • Dallas
    Location: 2401 Avenue J, Suite 213, Arlington, TX 76006
    Phone No.: (817) 649-0300
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