What Is The Average Salary For A Commercial Truck Driver?

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A commercial truck driver is responsible for transporting heavy duty goods for businesses. They handle goods of all kinds, requiring them to stay on wheels for extended time periods. In this blog we will specifically talk about the pay rate for drivers in the States, what factors determine their salary and what types of truck driving ranks as the highest paying job.

The national average for truck drivers ranges from $30,000 – $55,000 per year or $1000 or more on a weekly basis. This is relative to the experience of the truck driver and multiple other factors such as the nature of the job and location.

Highest Paying Truck Driver Jobs

Here are listed some of the higher salary truck driving jobs in terms of the material and weight they handle across varying distances.

Ice road Truckers: Given the vulnerability of ice laden roads, ice road trucks fall into the higher paid spectrum as they are responsible for carrying goods and deliveries in areas affected by extreme and harsh winter weathers.

Tanker/Liquid Haulers: These carry liquids like gasoline and water.

Oversized Load Drivers: They deliver heavy machinery and equipment that exceed regular size and weight limit.

Hazmat Drivers: These are responsible for transporting hazardous materials that are corrosive or flammable.

Specialty Car Haulers: Specially designed for transporting new and used cars.

Mining Industry Drivers: Trucks reserved for transporting goods and supplies to and from the mining site.

Dump Trucks Drivers: They carry unwanted material from construction or waste disposal areas.

Team Drivers: Two drivers who rotate shifts for longer travel times.

Other than these, owner operated or contracted, or truck driver instructors are some of the best practices for increased revenue in this field.

What Factors Affect a Truck Driver’s Pay?

Some of the factors that may affect the truck driver’s salary may include:

  • Weather and climate conditions
  • Location
  • Load size and type
  • Total distance
  • License endorsement and skill

Duties of a Truck Driver

Duties of truck drivers solely depend on the nature of contract that they have signed up for and the kind of company that they are work for. It is also dependent on the type of load and factors discussed previously in this blog. However, some of the common duties include:

  • Transporting goods inter/intra city or states.
  • Maintain a register for deliveries
  • Loading and unloading cargo
  • Maintain cleanliness and proper truck functioning
  • Report any mechanical issues that arise
  • Follow required local and federal rules and guidelines
  • Carry an overall vehicle inspection before and after trips
  • Plan delivery routes and accustom to deadlines
  • Maintain and renew license as per need
  • Take required rest

In Conclusion

In order to qualify as a truck driver, education license and physical fitness are three main requirements. If you qualify for one, there is stringent training and regulatory compliance for securing a higher paying job in this industry. The more the risk, experience and labor, the more the pay.

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