What Type Of Trucking Is Most In Demand?

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The transport and logistics company heavily rely on trucking services. In today’s market, there are certain types of trucking that are experiencing higher demands than others. If you are a truck leasing company or a truck driver, learning about the most in-demand trucking services can help streamline your business focus and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Let’s explore each of them in detail.

  • Last Mile Deliveries
    As the e-commerce industry reaches its peak, last mile delivery services are on the rise too. Consumers continue to expect faster deliveries with seamless order fulfillment. Which is why companies are actively trying to optimize their logistic strategies and networks. Such demands have led to increasing opportunities for trucking companies to thrive. During and after the COVID-19 as consumer patterns tend to deviate from the normal, trucking industries have become a means to meet high demands for last mile deliveries.
  • Refrigerated Trucking
    Refrigerated trucks, also known as reefers, are a backbone for perishable goods. Transportation of perishable items such as food and medicine require a temperature-controlled environment. The demand for refrigerated trucking continues to soar given high customer demands for fresh and seasonal items. They help match best before dates which involve dealing with unique challenges such as tight schedules and managing equipment.
  • Flatbed Trucking
    Flatbed trucks are essential for hauling heavy goods and equipment which cannot fit into normal containers or trailers. This can include the transportation of goods based in construction, manufacturing, infrastructure and machinery. As the construction and industrial companies tend to expand, the need for flatbed trucks is also at rise.
  • Specialized Trucking
    Goods that need engineered conditions to thrive require specialized trucking. Unlike normal goods, some materials can pose serious safety threats. These include hazardous materials, chemicals, high value cargo, oversized loads, luxury goods or sensitive equipment. Specialized trucking offers a premium service at premium rates given the dealing with specialized training, equipment, handling and deliveries.
  • Intermodal Trucking
    Intermodal trucking is looked after by a freight brokerage company that manages multiple services, vendors, and equipment to move cargo by all means between trucks, trains and cargo ships. This is an efficient and sustainable logistic solution which provides an edge for trucking companies that operate on intermodal patterns.
  • Car Haulers
    As the name explains, car haulers transport luxury care from one place to another – maintaining all standards of commitment and safety. Car hauling as a trucking company can be an extremely profitable career choice. It is also quite demanding as it requires special training and experience to be able to qualify to move expensive care.
  • Regional and Local Trucking
    Given the ever-increasing demands in inventory management and rapid order fulfillment, regional and local trucking services also buffer through high demands. They not only support regional economies in the situated region but provide businesses with faster turnaround times for their shipment.

Highest Paying Trucking Jobs in 2024

Trucking jobs are becoming an increasingly adopted career option. While they require specialized training and extensive documentation in the form of a CDL, they present some of the highest paying jobs for US residents. Annual salaries of truck drivers can range anywhere from $60000-$120000.

Final Words

Trucking industry is a dynamic field where some segments receive a higher demand than others such as specialized freight, refrigerated trucking, last mile deliveries, regional and local trucking.

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