Where Are Truck Drivers Needed The Most? | 5 Best Trucking Fields

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Truck drivers live a hard life, spending most of their time on the road, driving from one state to the other, and picking up jobs along the way. However, nowadays, with the shortage of commercial truck drivers affecting all businesses, there’s a wide variety of truck driver jobs for truckers to pick from. But with this large pool of options comes the most important question, that is, “Where” should they go? Or rather, where are truck drivers needed the most? So, if you’re looking to gather some information on the best states and companies to work for as a commercial trucker, then look no further! We have the answers to all your questions right here in this blog.

Where Are Truck Drivers Needed Most?

In recent years, organizations have faced a sudden decrease in their truck fleet, with not many people stepping up to embrace the lifestyle of an on-the-road driver. Due to that, employers have begun to craft separate packages and set certain criteria to onboard new drivers.

For instance, a logistic hub relies on truck drivers to carry out their deliveries. On the other hand, construction drivers or agricultural truckers aren’t as promoted, which dims their light. Nevertheless, here are some of the most common areas of fieldwork a truck driver can find a job.

  1. Logistics Facilities
    Driving for logistics facilities is one of the biggest opportunities for truck drivers. It pushes them to meet other drivers and broadens their horizons. Logistics drivers work for big distribution centers where they have to drive from one facility to another, transporting goods.
  2. Cross Border Trading
    Cross-border truck driving is also a field where most drivers can make a good, comfortable living. Since it is a long-haul cargo trading job, the timings can vary. At times, the drivers might even have to spend weeks on the road, crossing borders from one state or country to the other.
  3. Agricultural & Construction Transportation
    Agricultural trucking requires truck drivers to transport agricultural products, livestock, and supplies. Their route often involves going to and from farms, agricultural processing plants, and markets. Similarly, for construction drivers, the job includes transporting heavy-loaded construction materials, equipment, and debris to the site.
  4. Industrial Hubs
    Organizations that deal in manufacturing automobiles, big machinery, hardware tools, etc., are more likely to hire experienced truck drivers. They need drivers who are capable of carrying around raw, loaded materials. For this, safety and en route traffic management is a necessity.
  5. E-commerce Shipping
    With how fast e-commerce is growing these days, most businesses are on the lookout for commercial drivers. There has been a significant increase in demand for truck drivers, especially for last-mile deliveries. These businesses need drivers who can come up to be a part of their private fleet, allowing them to grow in other fields as well.

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